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Genetics by Marsi is a brand that targets a female audience and is positioned as an element of the new reality in today's world, adding uniqueness and a universe purpose to its owner. Clothes of the brand can be used both in everyday life and for special events. The brand stands for quality, convenience and a special image.

Genetics by Marsi has been created as a separate trend in the fashion world in line with modern styles and trends, thus emphasizing the individuality and cosmic personality of the owner of the brand. It is an alternative to the point of view and thinking set out in the book Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus by John Grey. 

Courageous and self-confident — she certainly came down from space! She is a special one and can conquer the world. This is how we see a modern girl, for whom Genetics by Marsi brand clothing is intended. 

Our world lives with new technologies and people can respond to them. The image of Genetics by Marsi invites you to take a step into a new reality and highlight your individuality. We believe in the fact that each of us has its own Mars inside, has its own spirit of activity, determination and competition. A martian is not used to reasoning, he is used to acting. Genetics by Marsi is a magnetic beginning in each of us, it is our deep feelings, our dreams. 

Genetics by Marsi is an ultramodern clothing brand. The Martian style gives the feeling of flight, it brings the freedom of forms, bold colors, pastels and monograms.